Vintage And Collectible Knives - A Transient History And Overview

Vintage And Collectible Knives - A Transient History And Overview

There are a lot of seasoned sword and knife collectors who're all for old, collectible, vintage, vintage pocket knives, hunting knives, basic gun knives, boar knives, throwing spikes and stilettos.

An imperial collection of these antiques stay as a matter of delight and fancy to vintage lovers. There are lots of vintage depots that promote knife collections. They promote vintage collectibles to knife lovers at grand and amazing prices. Some of the antiques available in the market are:

Vintage Cattaraugus "Sleeve Board Pen zombie machete knife" - This is a great old knife. The blades have robust snap. Nice gold-flake, celluloid handles.

Rare old Utica Kutmaster Advertising Knife "Northrup King Seeds" three blade stockman - Large clip blade has nice long nail pull. Nickel silver bolsters. Brass liners. Nice old American made ad knife.

Just the coolest little knife, Joseph Rodgers "Mini Sheepsfoot" - Handle is tough-textured black bone with inlaid nickel silver oval protect (nice to engrave on). Blade has super-strong; it snaps open and close.

Uncommon old vintage A. KASTOR Coca Cola Advertising Knife - This has 2 blades: can bottle opener and spear blade. The primary blade is tang stamped "A. KASTOR BROS. NEW YORK" on one side and "COCA COLA BOTTLING" on the opposite side. Robust open and close snap on each blades.

Vintage Case, Tested XX knife, 2 blade "Equal End" with slick-black handle - Massive clip blade is swedged and has nice long nail pull. It has a small pen blade. It is a rare old magnificence with sturdy blade snap and strong handles. It might make an awesome addition to any knife collection. They just don't make 'em like this anymore.

Vintage Cattaraugus "Sunfish" knife - This has a hard to find pattern. It is a nice old knife with full blades and powerful snap. Flawless Honey Jigged Bone handles.

Uncommon old vintage Lipic Advertising Knife "Do Higher with Doughboy Climatized FEEDS" - Large spear level blade is swedged on the tip and has good lengthy nail pull. The other is a bottle opener and screwdriver. Strong open and close snap on both blades. This has a Lipic U.S.A. tang stamp.

Good Old, Uncommon, "Buster Brown Health Shoes," camp utility knife with nice jigged bone handle - This knife is in excellent condition. All blades have robust snap. Large spear blade has nice long, deep, nail pull and is swedged on each sides to the point. It has a "BUSTER BROWN" inlaid shield. There's a tang stamp on spear blade; Number 30 on back tang of spear blade. This has good nickel silver bolsters with magnificence line.

Very old and uncommon "Cock Spur Saw Knife" made by J.M. Vance & Company, a hardware wholesaler of Philadelphia, Pa from 1776-19.

1920's classic Cattaraugus "Sleeveboard" pen knife - This comes in hard to find pattern. This great old knife comes with full blades and good snap.

1930's vintage Cattaraugus "Canine Bone" knife - Extremely uncommon pattern has fancy swirled celluloid handles, with canine bone entrance and rear bolsters, like a toothpick.

Cited above are only some of vintage and collectible knives. All of the antiques are available in used condition, but hardly ever treasured ones are available in mint condition. Proud possession of such knives is a matter of luck and money, certainly.