Available for license on Android Smartphones, Tablets and other devices bundled with VMX Smart PerfMan. VMX Shield AntiMalware is a powerful solution for protecting devices from the growing number of attacks and malicious applications. Most other current commercial antivirus solutions use static signatures, which can be lightweight and may detect malicious applications before their execution. However, they can be easily bypassed when using different code variants of the same malware. The major disadvantage is that, in most cases, static signatures cannot detect 0-day malware. Usually, it takes days, even weeks for the anti-virus companies to develop a signature for a new malware. VMX Shield AntiMalware for Android extensive behavioral data collection combined with static and dynamic analysis using advanced AI algorithms with little to no perceptible impact on performance to detect, isolate, or even delete malware from the device.

Based on customer configuration and the degree of suspicious activity detected, one of the 3 actions can be taken when malware or suspicious applications are detected on the device:

  • Alert: Notify the User to suspicious application activity.
  • Block: Prevent the application from running.
  • Uninstall: Delete the application from the device.

User control of the actions is also possible depending on the customer configuration.

Shield your Android product VMX Shield™ today!

For more information on VMX Shield AntiMalware for Android please contact VirtualMetrix, Inc.