Enhance Battery Life and Performance for Android Devices

VMX PerfMan for Android  extends the battery life of an Android mobile device by 25% to 100%, with little to no perceptible impact on performance. Even more power savings are possible if the User is willing to accept a small reduction in performance. Only VMX has been shown to achieve such remarkable power savings even as the device is in active use. Any user installed “battery saver” applications will complement the VMX solution.

Compared to other power management solutions, VMX PerfMan for Android is superior because it is:

  • Universal: Can be integrated into any Android device.

  • Transparent: Android Applications cannot tell the difference between Standard Android and VMX Enhanced Android.

  • Customizable: The User, Carrier or OEM can optimize VMX PerfMan for different situations.

  • Adaptable: VMX PerfMan can adjust device parameters in real-time in response to battery level, monthly data limits, etc.

  • Persistent: VMX PerfMan is always optimizing the microprocessor, whether the device is in active use or inactive.

For more information, see the product description VMX PerfMan for Android or contact VirtualMetrix, Inc.


Monitoring and Analysis Tools for Developers

Important facts about the tools:
  • VMX DC Energy Meter device provides energy and power measurements with exceptional DC accuracy and low noise.

  • VMX XPerf application provides real time platform monitoring, large Android compatibility (4.x, 5.x, 6.x), powerful data visualization and interface features, ability to be used over long periods of time (days)

For more information, see products information Developer Tools or contact VirtualMetrix, Inc.